Get to know Agarwood, the Expensive Original Indonesian Wood

Have you ever heard the type or term for agarwood? This type of original Indonesian wood is currently popular to be used as accessories, interior decoration, and various other wood crafts. Curious, what exactly is agarwood? Come on, get to know more about the original wood commodity of the archipelago that has worldwide this one!

Aloes wood is a type of wood that comes from several species of trees of the genus Aquilaria, specifically the type A. malaccensis. This one type of wood generally has a unique dark black color and also contains resin content in the sapwood.

The resin content found in the sapwood section of Aloes wood is also famous as a complementary material for fragrance because it has a very unique fragrance. This scent is also believed to be a powerful anti-stress aromatherapy.

It has been around hundreds of years ago that this type of wood has become a commodity of trade from various kingdoms in the archipelago to various parts of the world such as India, Persia, Arab countries, to countries in East Africa.

The limited amount of agarwood in nature, as well as the high demand and interest in this type of wood, make the price of this wood touted as one of the most expensive timber commodities in the world.

Characteristics and Characteristics of Agarwood

No less than Ulin wood, agarwood is also very well known. In addition to the distinctive aroma, Agarwood wood has characteristics and characteristics that are quite typical as well. In the wild, trees from agarwood can generally grow to a height of 35 to 40 meters in height with an average trunk diameter of 60 cm.

Gaharu wood has a sharp leaf or tapered at the end and has an oval-shaped fruit with a length of about 3 cm to 5 cm. The fruit of the Aloes wood is reddish in color and has a slightly hairy skin surface.

In a very good quality agarwood tree, the sapwood has an evenly jet-black color and has a distinctly fragrant aroma when cut or sliced. Whereas in low quality agarwood, the sapwood is more brown in color and the aroma produced is not as strong as in high quality agarwood.

Benefits and Use of Agarwood
Besides having substances that can be used for fragrance materials as mentioned earlier, agarwood is also widely used for various other needs. It’s the same as Sandalwood. Here are some forms of utilization of agarwood from various fields in general.

The use of agarwood which is quite popular other than as a perfume material is as an accessory. Aloes wood is often used as material for making bracelets, necklaces, to pendants. This wood is also often the material for making prayer beads.

Agarwood is also commonly used as a medicinal plant in making drugs for certain diseases such as constipation, bloating, kidney, diarrhea, colds, shortness of breath, to symptoms of hypertension

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